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Meticulously hand-crafted amplifiers, tailored for the hands of the worlds finest players.

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The ERSO Flagship Amplifier:

Inspired by the timeless tones and response of the Overdrive Special, Steel String Singer, Slide Winder, and Vintage British amps, the REVAN 100 fuses their finest qualities to embody the pinnacle of clean and cascaded overdrive amplification.

In its pristine clean channel, experience unparalleled depth, definition, and responsiveness. With a rich, bouncy character and a gentle saturation that invites exploration, it's a canvas awaiting your touch. But that's just the beginning.

Enter a realm of boundless possibilities with our expansive cascaded overdrive channel. Tailor your tone with precision using controls that shape both the sonic character and dynamic response. Switch between symmetric and asymmetric modes to unlock distinct textures – from modded British clarity perfect for rhythmic textures to thick, symmetrically cascaded overdrive tailor-made for leads.

Designed to accompany you on musical journeys across genres and continents, our amplifier marries vintage sweetness with modern versatility. Unlike its contemporaries, it embraces the heritage of vintage circuitry while offering passive, unobtrusive options for personalized tonal sculpting.

Each amplifier is meticulously handcrafted with the finest, most musical components available – the kind that are reserved for those who seek uncompromising excellence. With a robust 100-watt 6L6 output section, it's poised to elevate your sound to new heights.

Price: $3,999


This little monster packs an unbelievable punch with the largest tone to watt ratio I have ever heard. It has super sweet cleans but when cranked, will give you a beautiful blooming and held together overdrive at a loudness you would think is coming from a high watt amplifier. If that isn't enough, this amplifier has taken what is beloved from the famous D-Style mods and expanded the circuit to have second channel of beautiful cascaded overdrive. It is specifically designed to combat that unpleasant wooly smear that Deluxes can be known for. This design buttons up the bottom end, supercharges the amp with much more immediate note tracking, and expands upon the frequency response and dynamic range of a Deluxe platform. This amp is really something special. The Mandalorian comes in both head and combo. For the combo amplifier, speaker choice and new head cabinet will fluctuate the price.



The HyperDrive is THE faithfully and meticulously reproduced experience of one of the most beautiful cascading overdrive amplifiers in the D-style world. The voicing possibilities are as endless as there are different players. Each amplifier is designed and voiced to your needs, hands, and gear. If you happen to be familiar with the circuit or era that you need, I am versed in them all! Your hands will thank your for this one!!


ValleyDrive Special

Introducing the ValleyDrive amplifier, a revolutionary evolution of the iconic Overdrive Special platform. Traditionally, Overdrive Special amps have been revered for their pristine clean channel and signature solo channel. However, the ValleyDrive breaks new ground by introducing a third channel, redefining versatility in the amp world.

This innovative third channel is equipped with its own dedicated tonestack controls on the front panel, allowing players to sculpt their sound with unprecedented precision. Whether you're seeking sparkling cleans, searing leads, or anything in between, the ValleyDrive offers a next-level experience that empowers musicians to explore new sonic territories.

With its rich heritage rooted in the Overdrive Special legacy, the ValleyDrive maintains the timeless tone and character that players have come to love. Yet, it propels this legacy forward, embracing modern innovation to meet the demands of today's discerning musicians.

Experience the ultimate fusion of tradition and innovation with the ValleyDrive amplifier – where classic tone meets cutting-edge versatility.


Silver Tempest Reverb

Introducing the Silver Tempest Reverb amplifier – a sonic masterpiece inspired by the iconic tones of the revered SSS amplifiers. 

Designed to capture the essence and brilliance of the famed tones of the SSS, the Silver Tempest Reverb delivers a dynamic range of tones that evoke the magic of the legendary associated performances. From crystalline cleans to a platform for cranked, searing overdrive and everything in between, this amplifier offers a deep body, shining clarity, and that incomparable responsiveness that we all look for in this style of amplifier.

With its lush onboard reverb, the Silver Tempest Reverb adds depth and dimension to your sound, providing the perfect canvas for your musical expression. Whether you're crafting delicate melodies or unleashing sweet or fiery solos, this amplifier responds with clarity and precision.

Handcrafted with passion for tone and expertise, the Silver Tempest Reverb is a testament to the enduring legacy of D-Style amplifiers. Built to inspire and elevate your playing, it stands as a symbol of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship.

Experience the power and beauty of the Silver Tempest Reverb amplifier. Embark on a sonic journey that pays homage to the legends while forging a path of its own.


Slide Winder

This amplifier shares a familiar face with a famous tweed amplifier and lives in the world of incredible "sleeper" amplifiers. It boasts a redesigned circuit that separates and then tunes each individual stage of saturation in a way that takes what we love about tweed amplifiers and gives it a breath, dimension, and depth that is stunning, while expanding upon the identity we already loved. It is a truly 3 dimensional amplifier with a famously expanded frequency response and dynamic range. Its extra stages of soft saturation gives it a feel that makes me imagine the child of a Steel String Singer and a 5F6-A amplifier. This comes loaded with a GZ34 tube rectifier and a dual 6L6 output section.



This is a beautiful and rare take on the 50 watt, 4-input tweed amplifier. This amplifier is rectified with a 5U4 tube rectifier and built with an EL34-powered output section. Although housed familiarly, this circuit has been heavily redesigned to increase frequency response, dynamic range, and generate more intentional and tuned saturation across each gain stage in a way that eliminates woof-y bottom end and maintains note distinction at higher volumes.


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